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Supporting Youth Club Offers the Ultimate Fundraising Solution

Supporting Youth orchestrates an exclusive, efficient and proven fundraising system which:

  • Provides children and their families a simple way to earn money for education and youth group activities.
  • Unites youth group members in a Supporting Youth Club to maximize fundraising income.
  • Awards youth groups money to strengthen their programs.
  • Gives youth group advisors freedom from organizing and running fundraisers.
  • Promotes local businesses and gives them recognition as community leaders fro helping multiple youth groups; all by supporting just one club.

Through the club, families from different youth organizations fundraise as a collective group. Together they can be involved in higher profit fundraisers that the community will love. It’s a better way to raise money; it’s more fun and more successful than traditional fundraising!

Half of the club’s fundraisers are enjoyable festive events where supporters come and have a great time. There are lots of choices of fundraising promotions scheduled throughout the year so families can increase their earnings year-round. When families, businesses and the community band together with the Supporting Youth Club exciting things happen!

Supporting Youth Club Staff are at Your Service in Your Community

Each club has a team of active local fundraising professionals supporting the club members. They:

  • Manage the fundraisers,
  • Organize and lead the club,
  • Provide training,
  • Offer quality products,
  • Invite business involvement to participate in fundraising,
  • Manage fundraising events to save families valuable time and effort while maximizing club member earnings.

The club’s professional staff makes fundraising a fun, easy and enjoyable experience. It’s a delight to help families reach their goals. We love what we do and we’re at your service!

Being part of a Supporting Youth Club results in a win-win situation for everyone all around!

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